Lesson 8

Hero bird portrait

What should we do to bring back the oaks?


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President, Neighbors for Healthy Forests:   
Thank you for joining our public meeting with the Forest Preserve Board of Directors. We are presenting our petition for the halt of current practices damaging our forest!

Don’t let our tax dollars support the use of chemicals, setting the forest on fire, cutting of forest floor plants, and the logging of grown trees!

Ramirez Photography:
It seems weird they would cut trees down. Aren’t the trees the reason for the reserve?

Jean F.:
I heard it's because they don't think we have the right kind of trees - they want more oaks for some reason.

I think they only set the fires in springtime, but still, I don’t like the smoke.

Sulieman G.:
As long as they keep those deer under control, I am fine with whatever you think they need to do. My son just started driving and hit a deer! Luckily, he wasn’t hurt but our car insurance rates went up :(

Chair, Forest Board of Directors:
We thank the Neighbors for Healthy Forests for presenting their petition. We also appreciate the comments from our citizens. For the next portion of our meeting, we will split the participants into small groups to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the petition.

Maple woodlands
Logging truck loaded with timber
Firemen performing a prescribed burn
White-tailed deer foraging on plants
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